Borghi Autentici

Start date: 1/1/2010
End date: 1/1/2011
Visible: Yes
Completed: Yes
Partner type: Business group
Project type: Project
Country: Italy
Abbreviation: Borghi Autentici
Title (language default): Borghi Autentici
Description (language default):
The network consists Borghi Autentici in Association whose membership comprises small and medium-sized communities, local authorities and joint bodies of local development. The Authentic Villages are committed to a path, sometimes complicated, constant improvement of the urban structure, services to citizens, the social, environmental and cultural benefit to lead to a gradual and steady increase in the quality of life of the population.
Info (language default):
Borghi Autentici comes from an ambitious idea, shared by a group of people who believe in the possibility of a model of development more equitable and respectful of local traditions and needs of simple people.
During years this project has become increasingly complex and competitive initiative, until assuming its present form a network of Italian territories in which the protagonists are the community, administrators and traders, social and cultural sites.
It has gone thus delineating a means of aggregation and development, now available to all those organizations that do not complain of the decline and problems, and are aware of their resources and opportunities to identify new avenues for future development.
We refer to all those organizations that belong to the Italy that wants to do.
Project summary (language default):
The association Borghi Autentici considers the local community as a key element of its design development. The community as a place, human and cultural context, which is synonymous with good living, of taste, a creative and know how sweet a social dimension, a community that opens out and becomes a "Community Hospital" star of the new Soft Economy.
Borghi Autentici  sustains and represents a significant part of that unknown Italy, that every day finds its reasons for planning actions and initiatives of strategic development. It 'an Italy that focuses on the rediscovery and rehabilitation of their identity, an identity that manifests itself in the folds of his original story, in the traditions of the place, expressed in their morphology, shape the landscape, culture, handicraft production, ie, in a sentence in its own way of life.
Borghi Autentici of Italy, therefore, promotes a structured process of development at the local level, an approach that considers the existing assets such as starting points to build practical and feasible strategies for growth, in order to avoid unfortunately not as rare as the progressive impoverishment of rural areas and abandonment of small towns and villages.
On the contrary, the objective is to generate virtuous dynamics that are well adapted to the prospects of new settlements of people and businesses interested and sensible to the quality and style that characterize the dynamics of social development as the Italian one.
Action field (language default): Supporting business development

Maurizio Capelli (organization: Borghi Autentici D'Italia)
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