Network Members


Origin of Network

REINPO RETAIL is the name of a European project, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) which aims to improve innovation policies in the retail sector.
REINPO RETAIL aims at improving regional policies to incorporate innovation in the retail sector and services in the Mediterranean, focusing on research and technological development capacity, entrepreneurship support, development of new businesses and innovative initiatives, through the promotion of a 2.0 Technological Platform that allows the implementation of common services for the local development and economical promotion of the agency networks in the Mediterranean.

Geographical area covers the main and more important territories in the Mediterranean Area: Spain (Valencian Region, Andalusia); Italy (Abruzzo, Campania and Lazio); Greece (Western Greece and East Macedonia Trace); France (Rhône) and Slovenia (Slovenija). Each region will cover local and regional areas: regions of Valencia, Andalusia, Abruzzo and Western Greece and the territories of Naples, Drama, Lyon and Koper. Following the guidelines of the MED Programme, the main areas will be covered by the project.

All partners show the different features of the MED area: developed and urbanized areas, regions with specific needs in retail sector, with different economic structures and with the purpose of improving their sustained economic growth.

The funder Reinpo Retail network  is composed of 9 partners from 5 different countries (France, Greece, Italy, Slovenia and Spain):
Chamber of Commerce of Castellón


Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lyon


UIP University development center and university incubator of Primorska Ltd.


Naples Chamber of Commerce


Drama Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Heraklion Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Andalusian Council of Chambers of Commerce


International Telematic University UNINETTUNO


Abruzzo Region through its in house company Abruzzo Sviluppo Ltd.


The REINPO RETAIL Virtual Community allows the transfer of innovation from public bodies to economic actors in the Mediterranean, achieving the implementation of the pilot actions by the 5 participating Chambers of Commerce, inspired in the policies designed by Public Authorities and monitored by a Research Centre. Transnationality increases the knowledge of the local and regional territories and companies and the exchange of experiences and good practices, bringing together key actors to  strengthen the research, political and entrepreneurship dimension of the project.

The network and the Cooperation Protocol

The Network aims to promote the project results within the European MED Program Area. Part of its activities on the merits, are due the network protocols signed between the project partnership and founder of Network and Structures / Organizations of the MED area on the retail sector.

For this activity, started in the first place by making a special mapping of structures and organizations / institutions in the MED dealing with trade, it was realized a network protocol, approved and validated by the Lead Partner (Chamber of Commerce of Castellón) and activated a specific action aimed at relational involvement of a large number of stakeholders. Ratio of the network is to create a network of knowledge, information and best practices from which may arise some potential specific future joint projects in the sector. A network that it can transfer the results of the project Reinpo Retail and capable of ensuring, through any subsequent action on the merits, the sustainability of these results of the project even after its end.

Herein the format of the Cooperation Protocol.
If you want some more information about the networking activities, please send an email at elenatiberio@abruzzosviluppo.it.

Up to this time, the following organizations have signed specific cooperation protocols adhering to the Networking:

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade


City of Mostar – Economic Department


Innovazione Terziario, Confcommercio Umbria


Unione Nazionale Consumatori Umbria


Centro Estero Umbria


Center for Entrepreneurship – Duvrovnik (Croatia)


DUNEA – Development Agency (Croatia)




Unione Camere Puglia, headquarter Tirana


These others are going acquisition:

Croatian Chamber of Economy


The chamber of Commerce of Terni


The chamber of Commerce Mallorca